Air-Concepts B.V. was founded in 2005 and manufactures air distribution products. Our most important products are air-flow sensors (FloXactTM) and VAV terminals. The head office is located in Hoorn The Netherlands, which houses the Sales and R&D departments, and the manufacturing of the FloXactTM sensors. In the factory in Trebnje, Slovenia, we manufacture VAV terminals and other air distribution products like; control dampers, swirl diffusers, perforated diffusers, linear slot diffusers, displacement diffusers, floor diffusers, sound attenuators etc.

Since production and R&D are in house, combined with our expertise in air-distribution and controls, we can provide tailor made solutions for any application and/or architectural demand for our clients.

Air-Concepts is a reliable partner for advice and supplying products for new projects and we can also objectively analyze existing HVAC installations and complaints about indoor climate. Because of our experience in VAV, air distribution and controls, we are also the ideal partner to optimize, re-commission or renovate existing VAV projects.

Our mission

Advise our clients objectively and knowledgeable in their choice for an energy efficient, healthy and comfortable HVAC system. Resulting in a happy satisfied end user who will experience a comfortable living- or work environment with a reliable and energy efficient HVAC system. 

Air-Concepts B.V. in The Netherlands

Sounds test lab

VSR units production (2017)

The new distribution centre in Waalwijk (NL) is 135.000 m2 groot (26 footbal fields).
Air-Concepts supplied for the offices Induction-VAV terminals and Air-Flow & Control stations.

Bahria Icon Tower

BT Icon Tower (2016)

Currently the tallest skyscraper in Pakistan (295m).
Air-Concepts supplied 1800 VAV terminals (VSR-DW).

Big tower

RBS London (2017)

Prestegious upgrade from bankoffice to "internet start-ups". Air-Concepts supplied 295 Fan Powered VAV units (VFS).